Sunday, February 23, 2014


My nephew gave me a few Willow Tree angels. This one with her sunflower represents my favorite season, Summer. Her sunflower looks like the sun radiating energy, too. On the meditation tray, she represents Air.


Hester said...

hi CJ, could not find an email address. Saw your post on Pushing the Envelopes blog. I use sheets of wall paper samples from the sample books to make envelopes. The choice is endless and some shops will give you the old books instead of throwing them in the dumpsters. I am with you on the "pink". Have you watched Once Upon a Time in the West?

CJ Kennedy said...

Welcome, Hester. I fixed the email link in my profile. Didn't realize that wasn't working. Thanks for the heads up. Great idea using the sample books. Will have to look into that. Haven't seen Once Upon a Time in a long time.